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Word on the Street ...

"Billy Connolly meets

the Vagina Monologues"

Word on the Street ...: Testimonials

So outrageously & wonderfully funny and she gets a conversation going instead of all the shushing everyone goes on with.

You know it’s a great show when you have not only been laughing but also thinking about it for weeks.

I urge you to go and see the amazing, hilarious and super talented Anne Gildea in her new show How to Get the Menopause and Enjoy It .... enhancing Ireland's menopausal literacy with uproarious laughter - it's brilliant! I'm still laughing today.

I told everyone to go. You have opened up a conversation between women - no more shhhhh!! Humour is a great vehicle and you do it with great aplomb! Ah, the joy of a good laugh after 2 years of this pandemic! Thank you!

Hilarious and educational in equal parts. A must see! I laughed so much my face hurt.
Loretta Dignam,
Founder, Menopause Hub.

I enjoyed it so much I went a second time and brought the husband. He had tears streaming down his face with laughter. And he learned a thing or three

It is warm, informative, and hilariously funny. Here is an artist who knows her craft. Total engagement with her audience. A deep understanding of what works, and above all she will make you laugh for days after seeing the show.
Breda Cashe, Theatre Producer.

This is the funniest show I've ever been to and so well researched, I learnt loads; some of it was even a bit shocking. Anne is so talented at what she does. 10/10

June Caldwell, Writer.

Amazingly funny and really accurate menopause show – I loved it!'
Dr. Deirdre Lundy, Menopause Specialist

Brilliant show! That's twice I've seen it and I was splitting my sides both times.

My God my belly hurt this morning from all the laughing 😂😂😂. Absolutely Tonic Anne that's what you are❤️

Excellent show weaving laughter, wisdom and heart opening awareness to a very important topic. Thank you Anne, we all loved it. ❤️❤️❤️

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