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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Anyone who has been to see How to Get the Menopause & Enjoy It, may remember my mentioning the names of cocktails I came across when me and the 'girls' were on an innocent night out. Shocking, dirty names; compared to the innocently named beverages we grew up with. Remember 'Sex On the Beach?'

Since absolutely no one has asked me for the recipes to these naughty drinks I am happy to publish them here, this is the first of the four recipes, for you to enjoy. They were especially created by lovely bar manager/cocktail impresario - Rían Farren.

These recipes will be useful for chatting up barmen in one of your favourite cocktail bars, on one of your many nights out, don't tell the barman I gave them to you. Remember drink wisely or at least not stupidly, at the very least, near some place you can sleep safely. I take no responsibility for any amounts of chocolate vomiting.

So to start you off, check out this subtle little number called - 'A Hammering Up The Hole', it has chocolate in it. Yummy, don't forget to let us know how you get on. Three more Naughty Cocktails on the way!!

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