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When Anne Met Dr. Louise Newson

I've been very slack with the blogging this past while and I do hope to up my game in the coming months. I'll start with this exciting news - I will be touring with the amazing Dr Louise Newson later this year and doing copilot duties on her show - Dr. Louise Newson, Hormones or Menopause, The Great Debate (Full Details here -

Louise and Anne in conversation for a podcast.
Dr. Louise Newson and Anne Gildea

As part of our preparation for this exciting event we finally met in person a few weeks ago and I took part in Louise's podcast which you will find here - .

I also was given the full medical at her clinic and was surprised to learn even more about my menopause and HRT treatment. But that's another story.

It was a pleasure to meet this amazing lady and listen to her words of wisdom, which was also a great validation to me and the work I have been doing with our show How To Get the Menopause & Enjoy It. I am so looking forward to the days ahead, rehearsing and the tour- 35 DATES all over Britain, from September to November this year. I hope to keep you updated as things develop for now I hope you take the time to check out Louise and her work ( I promise it will be a rewarding experience.

We have two more dates coming up this month, finishing the first leg of our 2024 Tour (we will be returning in September and then November after my duties touring with Louise in Britain) we are in Dunamaise, Portlaoise on the 14th and The Civic, Tallaght on the 29th, Both return dates which I am looking forward to, wild women in abundance to be found in both these venues. If I don't see you this June, maybe later in the year! Have a good everything.

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